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Cryptocurrencies easily on your menu bar

Access real-time price data for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, with no limitations on the number of cryptocurrencies you can track.

Coin Peek - Menu bar app for macOS - crypto bitcoin eth blockchain | Product Hunt

Optimized performance for real-time tracking

One-time payment for lifetime access to the application, with no recurring fees or hidden charges. Continuous updates to keep you in sync with the latest market changes.

Real-Time Prices

Stay up-to-date with live price information directly from your menu bar

Always in sync

Customizable Menu

Switch and track cryptocurrencies easily on your menu bar.

Always in sync

Endless Peek

Offering you the freedom to track any cryptocurrency.

Always in sync

Pay once

One-time payment for lifetime access and updates, all with no recurring fees.

Always in sync
Always in sync

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